FITO Token Airdrop: The Fito Wallet Initiative (Coming Soon)

FITO Token Airdrop: The Fito Wallet Initiative (Coming Soon)

We are pleased to announce the FITO token airdrop program, ushering in a new era of cryptocurrency engagement and adoption. The FITO token, integral to the Fito Wallet ecosystem, will soon be accessible on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.

Multi-chain Approach

The launch of the FITO token is characterized by multi-chain availability. The Ethereum network will witness a fair launch for the ERC20 version of FITO. The token will also be available on the BSC Smart Chain via a token bridge.

FITO airdrop presents a great opportunity to become an early holder of FITO BEP20 tokens. Participants will be granted a bounty of 40 FITO tokens plus referral bonuses for the top 1000 participants with the highest referrals.

Participation Process

The airdrop process involves straightforward social media tasks facilitated by our dedicated Telegram airdrop bot;

  1. Join our Telegram channel.
  2. Follow Fito Wallet on Twitter.
  3. Like and retweet the pinned post (Optional).
  4. Download the Fito Wallet app, access the Airdrop tool from Settings > Fito rewards > Fito airdrop, and enter your airdrop activation key from the Airdrop bot.
  5. A one-time verification code will be sent to your Telegram account from the airdrop bot to confirm ownership.
  6. Enter your BEP20 address for receiving your airdrop rewards.
  7. Lastly, perform any of the following tasks on the app before the 21st of October to be eligible for the airdrop reward.
    • Complete two swap transactions through the app’s swap feature.
    • Send two transactions from the dApp browser.
    • Complete two transfers with the app.

Airdrop Timeline And Distribution Process

The airdrop event is designated to end on the 24th of September. Following the end of the FITO airdrop, we will embark on a meticulous verification process to ensure all participants meet the eligibility criteria for this event.

All eligible participants can expect to receive their allocated FITO tokens within seven days after the airdrop event ends.

Airdrop Referral

Understanding the power of community and the value of spreading the word about Fito Wallet, we’ve introduced an exciting aspect to our airdrop — a referral program designed to appreciate our most active and influential participants.

The top 100 participants who achieved the highest number of referrals will each receive an additional 36 FITO tokens, while the top 1000 (101 – 1000) participants who achieved the highest number of referrals will get an extra 23 FITO tokens each.

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